I feel sometimes the need to try new techniques and new expressive forms.
This is a short review of my creations.

These are collages on canvas - board with mechanical watches pieces put together to create means of transport forms.

Following another collage made with newspapers cuttings and coloured paper to make a synthesis of Giovanni Bellini's painting "Madonna and the Holy Child".

At the end of the review you can see the following works which have quite nothing in common with the others (this is why I have thought to put them in a special space and not in the Gallery) and show my eclecticism: A Tour Eiffel carved "with the patience of Job" on a special black pasteboard; a pastel drawing face resulting from a folding sheet of paper and stuck on a board; a 4 colour graphic print (serigrafia) on coloured pasteboard; an experiment with different materials stuck on board.



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