This is the menu of my web site: 
INTRO:a guide to surfing the net including also "The Art Work of the Month". 
BIOGRAPHY: my artistic path.
GALLERY: is the heart of the web site, where you can see some of my art works divided into categories. The most remarkable one is the PAINTING section. The others are: FRESCO, CHALCOGRAPHY (copper-plate engraving), ILLUSTRATION and COMICS.
NEWS: an exhibitions calendar, appointments with Roberto Fabbretti's art... and other news.
LINKS: links with other painting and figurative arts web sites.
CONTACT: I will be glad to receive comments on my art works and/or the web site. Don't hesitate to send me the form that you'll find in this page or an e-m@il.
FLASH MOVIE: a short flash movie on my art. A more dynamic way to make you know my art works.

Now I have only to wish you a Good Surfing.



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