Roberto FABBRETTI was born on the 6th March 1970 in Cirič, in the province of Turin. 
Since the childhood passionately fond of every form of figurative art, he began to study Graphic Arts and, after a short digression as an illustrator, he entered the comics circle drawing a fantasy saga that obtained a great success and favourable comments from public and critics.


At the same time, falling in love with new technologies though not denying past traditions, he attended a three years course of chalcography at the teacher Sergio Saccomandi's school, trying to learn all about the secrets of engraving. 

After that, as a self-taught person, he mastered studies about human anatomy and reproducing life drawing, developing meanwhile the study of painting. These experiences led him to attract the local artistic circle attention, motivating him to continue painting research. At the moment his painting favourite subjects are landscapes, mainly natural and silent ones, parks, bridges reflected in rivers, characteristic streets foreshortenings, abandoned ruins. 
You can see another Roberto's artistic experience in the frescoes cycle at the Church of Nostra Signora della Valle in Viano in the province of Reggio Emilia.



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