The Church of Nostra Signora della Valle was built on the hills near Reggio Emilia and it has been erected near an old farm that dates back to 1430. The client asked me to decorate the interior of the Church imitating part of the scenes from the frescoes cycle of the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua painted by Giotto. I had to revisit and readapt the scenes basing my work on the new Chapel space and structural requirements. Following you can see some of the works I have painted inspired by the client's request. It was a personal way to celebrate and pay homage to the Jubilee 2000. 

The inside walls of the Chapel are completely decorated with paintings. 
Virgin Mary and the Holy Child Tondo dominates the apse wall, below you can see the four Evangelists that divide the Annunciation Day scene on the opposite sides of the front wall. This scene has the Archangel on the left and the Virgin Mary on the right. The side walls are painted with a frescoes cycle about Jesus life spaced by windows placed in the central fascia. At the top The Way of the Cross cycle is painted with 14 stations on a starry background also painted all over the upper part of the wall. In the lower part the sins and virtues allegories are represented, broken up by false marble frames. 
On the back wall the paintings continue with the side walls cycles, with the addition of the Holy Trinity represented by the Father and the Son figures at the sides and the Holy Spirit, symbolized by a dove, painted on glass in the centre. 

You can see some images about fresco:

Virgin Mary and the Holy Child Tondo

Gabriel Archangel


Allegory of Justice



The Deposition

St. Luke the Evangelist


Allegory of  Injustice

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